Learn And Spell English


Learn and Spell English Words is an award winning spelling game and course (watch video) that is fun play as well as learn English language nouns. With this game you will learn common English words in 6 categories of the English language easily and quickly.

This free starter level course is designed for beginners of the English language or anyone who wants to practise their English vocabulary spelling. The game includes sound recordings of every word spoken by native speakers of the English language in British English.


  • Learn mode - learn new vocabulary easily and quickly
  • Review to test your new knowledge of the English language as you learn
  • Arcade mode - play this mode to reinforce vocabulry
  • Words that you forget are shown more often throughout the course
  • All words are spoken by an English native speaker in British English
  • Over 100 nouns spanning 6 categories of the English language


Learn and Spell English
Learn and Spell English
Learn and Spell English
Learn and Spell English


An Android user, 24 Nov 2016
Eexcellent application Fun, and you learn a lot. This application is a success.
Uğur Güngör, 21 Nov 2016
Perfectly good as your other three applications. Usuful as it is for other app learn İngilizce. Thanks 👍
Maria Jose Sequeira Gonzalez, 15 Jan 2016
Great! It's good to try to make it fun to learn English, even if you learn basic words quick and easy.